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EPIFANI - HDI Cable 12’ – 3.6m



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4 200 Kč (155 EUR)

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5mm Proprietary Epifani Cable
Bp from 0 Hz to 100Mhz.
Gold Neutrik ¼” connctors
Straightconnectors or Angle.
Silent switch (Optional).
Havie heatshrink for ultra-durability
and cable connection protection.
Plastic carrying case
Zero signal loss up to 159meters ( 403 feet ) of cable
The proprietary Braid shielding
construction eliminates microphonic
handling noise

Welcome to Epifani HDI Cables, a new chapter in the history of Instrument Cables that will change forever the way you hear your instrument. For two years Epifani studied and researched many different cables, measurements, recordings and we had live test with some of the best musicians and instrument manufacturer on the planet. We then found that a special combination of materials and manufacturing techniques was able to transfer an electrical complex signal from a magnetic signal generator (a pick up from your instrument) to an electronic device (your amplifier) better that anything we experienced before. After more than 70 years of electric instruments, a new chapter and a new Innovation from Epifani was born, our HDI Cable. We are using the best materials to ensure the highest quality. At Epifani we believe that your cable is the Most Important Link between your instrument and your Amplifier.  (Bass Guitar acoustic and upright basses, electric guitar and or any instrument). A must for recordings, it is part of your arsenal when you expect the best. All the cables are hand assembled and tested in our Brooklyn facility and they have a Life Warranty.

Let your ears be the judge
Nick Epifani

The Range
Signal Transmission Superior to any cable previously available.

The Technology
The HDI cables incorporate innovative, industry leading cable technology that ensure the highest signal transmission from any instrument to an amplifier or recording console.

The Sound
Astonishing Definition and separation of the notes at any frequencies, from an out of focus picture to a crystal clear and razor sharp image of your sound. The cable responses from 0 Hz to over 100 Mhz delivering fatefully the signal to your amp or recording console.



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